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Accounting Features:

• Check printing facility with payment voucher

• Accounts Inquiry itself show customer statements, aging, sales history, P.D. cheques, dishonor cheques, sales orders, pending delivery notes etc.

• Multiple budget handling

• Automatic Display of Balance Amount

• System access logs for easy system audit

• Payment Receivable Pop-up

• Account Detail Report

• Budget Worksheet

• Account Balance List

• Account Budget List

• Statement of Cash Flows

• Working Trial Balance

• Date wise Receivable and Payable Bill Due Reminder

• Sales register and stock ledger


• Product Inquiry forms itself shows product movements, previous selling price, purchase price, back order, UN-invoiced delivery note etc.

• Product description/bin/selling price can edit online

• Multiple payment option

• Multiple sales/purchase rates

• Supports partial and full invoice payments

• Sales quotation, delivery order, direct invoicing, sales invoice general, sales returns

• Cost Sheet, product movements, previous selling price will appear in the invoice with a single click



• Navigation buttons in all forms.

• Cost calculation methods (LIFO/FIFO/Weighted Average)

• Detailed check tracking, maintenance & reconciliation module

• Complete Order Tracking

• Multiple costing Methods

• Multiple units of products

Inventory Management:

• Set stock reminders on Re-Order level or Re-Production level

• Inter depot stock transfer

• Maintain multiple item classes or groups

• Item Classification (Group, Category)

• Definable Stores/Warehouses, Unit of Measurement

• Purchase Order, Pending Purchase, Purchase Returns

• Items Expiry Reminders

• Automatic Inventory Update

• Manage and track stocks in multiple warehouses

• Track extensive detail on each of your inventory items

• Due date setting, stock listing and stock valuation (Multiple methods of stock valuation)

•  supports purchase, production, shipping, sales, RMA.


Major Highlights:

• Multiple devices (Android & Windows based)

• Multi-Location

• Multi-Unit

• Multi-User

• High Level of Security

• Multi-Branch

• Easy data entry

• Work with Keyboard only or with mouse

• E-Mail enabled

• User friendly

• Shortcut Keys

• Additional modules connectivity

• Higher level of customizations

• Extensive security options

• Management can block any customer, It will effect enterprise no time

• Detailed table-wise query option

• Ageing report days-wise, month-wise or user specified option

• Buyer and seller are same and can integrated with single statement

• Unlimited extra notes can attach in all the data entry forms

• User-ID, entry date/time, ledger entry information in single click

• Tasks/appointments/reminders

• Product inquiry built with customer and supplier quote

• In all inventory forms link with different type of drilling facility

• Online help provided for FAQ, accounts help, short cut keys, entry concepts etc.

Reports & Business Analysis:

• More than 350 reports

• Total customizable report can convert to PDF and Excel

• Reports can preview, print, draft print, E-mail, fax, and Excel option

• Easy analysis from chart reports

• Creditor/debtor ageing report

• Advanced accounting reports

• Bill wise ageing report

• Cash Flow Statement

• Fund Flow Statement

• Cash Movement Analysis Report

• Negative stock, stock damage, shortage, excess management

• Stock ageing report, transaction Analysis

• Graphical reports

• Party Vs products & product Vs party reports

• Product Expiry reports

• Product manufacture Report

• Provides one click access to vendor or customer account, payment history and transaction details for rapid analysis

• Business Graphics

• Chart of Accounts

• Income Statement

• Journal Report

• Trial Balance Reports

• Useful fixed asset reports

• Graphical Reports (Sales, Aging Analysis)

• Ratio Analysis


Useful Tools:

User-level security and access control on each menu option and activity level with comprehensive user log for each user compare your 2 or more branches or unit

• Advertising or services related bulk sms

• can access from anywhere.

• Live business status

• Manage online and offline.(you should explain on purchase time)

• Easy Bar Code Printing

• Existing or System Printed Bar code scan supported.

• Import data

• Manage users

• Extensive search option

• Multiple company creation

• Sales Counter

• Compressed backup and restore database utility with scheduling

• Customizable logo/ standard letter – lead for reports

• SMS Alerts to Customers for Bill Due, Thanking message to customer on Invoice creation, Othere SMS Alerts on orders, dispatch, Payments, Receipts etc.